Bucks County Classic - Men Cat 2/3

Chris McHugh and Patrick Darken lined up for the Thompson Bucks County Classic Doylestown Cat 2/3 Criterium on Sunday morning, September 11th.

Teammates Jason and Austin were also there to cheer them on and support a great Philly area race.

Race report:

The course was tight in some places so positioning was key throughout the race.  Unfortunately, the race for Chris was over after lap 1 because he got caught behind a crash and was unable to latch back on. As you can see in this pic, he wasn't the only one. 

There were at least 4 crashes throughout the race, and there was the usual braking in the back of the field for turns (8 on this course). Patrick's power profile shows the "yo-yo" effect of a crit and how easy it is too burn through energy if not leading and thereby maintaining a more even power profile. Not shown on the power profile is Patrick's average HR of 176bpm!

Half way through the 20 1.3 mi laps Patrick made an effort to chase down a 4-man break by passing the field on the climb to the finish.  The move didn't last a full lap, but it did achieve a better position for a couple laps before he ended up near the back again. The 4-man break consisting of 2 Cat 2s and 2 Cat 3s stayed away until the finish. Here is a shot of them working well together with about 8 laps remaining. You can see the large group chasing at the base of the hill.

This crit course rewarded those who were willing to take some risk and Patrick smartly wasn't willing to do that for a good position. He stayed upright the entire race while others were not as lucky.  A nasty crash happened right in front of him before turn 2 on the last lap.

Jacob Skrip outsprinted Calvin Hoops in the final 200m for his second victory. Here is a picture taken right when these two racers were starting their final push to the line.